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K.U.SCH. (renate Krätschmer Und jörg SCHwarzenberger, born 1943)
(since 2006 with SITOSUN, born 1976)

Interdisciplinary work, in the sense of an expanded art concept and – if one so wants – a "Conceptual Dadaismus". Neither nor, but as well as also. Object art, room installations, correspondences in the free (natural) terrain, interventions in the public (urban) room, film, text, performative work toward total work of art, respectively a specifically developed form of procession theatre and in the further of course catwalk-theatre.

1974 Rome-Scholarships
1983 Austrian Country Scholarship
1995 Large-Art-Price of the country N.Ö.
2004 China-Scholarships (Nanjing)
2007 Two months stay in China, holding lectures at CAFA University in Beijing and Anhui University in Hefei
2008 Six weeks stay in Nanjing, China

Since 1971 contacts to Fluxus, to type-Povera, to the International Mail-Type-Movement
1977 co-founders of the periodical magazine "Falter"
1977 foundations the "Circus of the Charlatans"
1988 first realization (production) of the Procession-Theatre in the 1st Danube-Festival in Krems and among other things 1992 in Vienna on the Albertina-Ramp on behalf the Museum for Graphic Collection Albertina
1996 first production of the Catwalk-Theatre in Vienna on the Danube- Island, 2000 on Castle Lengenfeld, in the Kabelwerk in Vienna and among other possibilities, 2002 in the Art hall Krems, Minoritenkirche
1998 Metallsymposion in Hiroshima, Japan
2005 "Non-Stop-Shopping-Theater" in Krems, pedestrian zone
2006 months of the photography: "Bilateral-City-Pictures" installation in the public room, Jesuitengasse, Vienna
2008 13th International Biennial Print Exhibition, R.O.C., Taiwan

Numerous display participations.

Personnel displays among other things:
1970 "Formationen" Gallery in the Griechenbeisl, Vienna
1977 "At the End was a Fetish" Gallery next St. Stephan, Vienna
1977 "Merkzeug und Sinnhalte" New Gallery at the country museum Joanneum, Graz
1980 "Over the Masculine and Feminine Principle" Viennese Secession
1984 "Adams and Eve, like Beginning and End" New Gallery of the city Linz and in the N.Ö. Country Museum, Vienna
1986 "Procession-Costumes and –Rods" Rupertinum, Salzburg
1993 "A Tapetologie" Blue-Yellow Gallery, Vienna
2002 "Neither nor and as well as also" New Gallery of the city Linz
2004 "Signs and Fragments" Gallery Göttlicher in Krems, Stein
2004 "Double Imagination" Nanjing Shenghua Art Center, China
2006 "Fokussile" Nin-Design, Vienna
2007 "Assoziationskettenrally" Landhausgalerie ausstellungsbruecke, St.Poelten
2007 "The Gift of Destruction" Iberia Center of Contemporary Art ISegment Space Gallery, Beijing
2008 "About the Value of Trashiness" RCM-Gallery of Nanjing, China

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